Trust NETSOC, so your client’s information remains safe, hidden and confidential.

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Cybersecurity is not optional

Law firms require high-level cyber security that grabs and retains your clients trust. We offer reliable protection for all your legal information, keeping your law firm safe from damaging data breaches that seek to steal sensitive client data.

Why Law Firms Requires Cybersecurity

It’s no locker room secret that cyberthreats are one of the biggest challenges facing the legal sector. In fact, law firms are attacked regularly by cyberattacks for the sensitive client information that they possess. This should come as no surprise, considering that all law firm databases are a goldmine of information, containing very private information that cybercriminals love to steal. To stay ahead of your attackers, your organization requires adequate security and safety practices from increasingly sophisticated targeted attacks.

The solution to this dilemma lies in the managed security services offered by our team at NETSOC. By contracting us, we provide managed security that secures your network and endpoints. That’s not all, our security services meet and complies with all client-centric regulatory obligations such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and many more. We understand just how important keeping sensitive client, investigator and witness information, will or testament data is. Therefore, NETSOC creates security systems that guards access to these security events/logs, etc.

Security Challenges Facing Law Firms

As you know, law firms handle very sensitive client information that may cross international borders depending on the size of the firm in question. This makes law entities a primary target for hackers and cybercriminals. Although hacks come in various forms, they all affect operations on a deep level. By identifying these threats early on, your law firm can reduce the drastic impacts that these cyberattacks leave on sensitive business operations. Here are the top cybersecurity challenges that many law firms face:

• Phishing Scam or Hacked Email Accounts: Many lawyers interact through email accounts. Although these email accounts are often secured, many cybercriminals are getting increasingly crafty when using phishing techniques to hack email accounts.
• Ransomware Attacks that hackers use to lock down sensitive files, requesting a large payment from their targets before these files can be recovered.
• Leaking of Sensitive Data: For law firms who don’t have strong security protocols, they leave their client’s confidential information at the risk of public leaks.
• Legal Malpractice due to Poor Cybersecurity can put any law firm or lawyer at the risk of losing their license.