We focus on the strength of your security while you focus on the health of your patients

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Cybersecurity is not optional

All healthcare organizations require the highest level of cybersecurity protection. Our managed security services protect patient privacy and addresses common cybersecurity issues affecting most healthcare organizations.

Why Healthcare Requires Cybersecurity

The healthcare industry often faces a series of cyberattacks that cause severe damage to private data systems. In fact, the damage caused by these modern-day cyberattacks is becoming increasingly sophisticated to the point that it now becomes difficult to trace the source of these problems. The need to address these security threats cannot be downplayed. Now, more than ever, healthcare organizations require a more innovative security approach, coupled with the highest standard security solutions that can be deployed not only at the network layer, but also to endpoints and cloud environments.

With NETSOC’s intervention, every healthcare organization can take on a more proactive security approach, to stop cyberattacks before they even occur. It is important to note that the healthcare sector will always be a prime target for dangerous cybercriminals who continue to profit of these perpetuated security threats. As such, stakeholders within this life-saving industry need to up their security game, to effectively protect critical assets. We help your organization continue operation at its maximum potential, ensuring that critical health services are provided 24/7 without risking the confidentiality of patient data.

Security Challenges Facing Healthcare Organizations

Like all other businesses, the healthcare sector faces similar cybersecurity issues that may pose unique challenges of their own. As such, proprietors must adequately protect their environment from these malicious attacks. Due to the increase of interconnected, web-enabled medical devices over the past decade, there is a greater impetus to secure health organizations who now seamlessly exchange patient information along its operational networks.
Here are the top cybersecurity challenges facing the healthcare industry:

• Valuable patient information stolen and posted on the darknet
• Medical devices lacking adequate security controls
• Ransomware attacks
• Lack of proper cyber risk training among healthcare workers
• Use of outdated technology used in these healthcare facilities.