24/7 Managed Detection and Response

All of our service models combined for the best protection possible and more

24/7 Security Operations Center

Advanced threat detection and response

Delivering next-generation Cybersecurity protection and expertise using top-tier technology Allow us to accelerate your security posture to help detect, tackle, and prevent cyber threats

24/7 Expert Monitoring

We don't sleep, but you should knowing we're here 24/7 watching your logs

Data Residency

Maintain compliance requirements by choosing which continent to store your data

Hybrid SOC

Work alongside our analysts as the SIEM is deployed in your environment

Cloud Native

Connecting your environment to the cloud and deploying Microsoft's Azure Sentinel

Vulnerability Mgmt.

Strategic guidance from our experts on how to eliminate risk in your environment

Automation (SOAR)

Customized security with Security Orchestration Automation and Response capabilities

Threat Hunting

Proactive threat hunting tailored specifically to your technology stack

Incident Response

Our expert MDR professionals will respond and contain threats


Cybersecurity has never been this easy

  • Monitor and Detect

  • Hunt for Threats

  • Patch and Remediate

  • Literally, SOAR with NETSOC

Average response time is 8 minutes

Strengthen your defense with our analysts responding immediately to active threats in your environment. We will alert on threats in your environment and implement additional layers of defense tailored to your environment and needs

Advanced Threat Hunting

Shift to a more proactive security stance, especially when a threat bypasses the perimeter. We tailor defense to your specific needs and technology stack; we will detect common threats as well as actively query for anomalous behavior 24/7

Vulnerability Management

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities on-premises and in the cloud through strategic guidance from our experts on how to reduce risk in your environment via quarterly Vulnerability Management Campaigns

Security Orchestration Automation and Response

We have developed a SOC Service which combines the latest technology, automation, and seasoned experts to best fend off the latest attacks for a fraction of the cost. Matched with our EDR tool we can leverage SOAR technology; we create custom rules for your environment and tailor defense to your needs


Need clarification?

What is Managed Detection and Response? (Hybrid-SOC)

Managed Detection and Response is an outsourced cybersecurity service designated to safeguard your data, internal and cloud-based assets especially when a threat eludes your organization’s security controls.


That being said, our MDR security service operates around the clock with 24/7 coverage via our state-of-the-art cloud-based Security Operations Center (SOC). Our MDR service reduces the need for further staffing, effectively combining advanced analytics, threat detection intelligence, forensic data and human expertise for threat detection and security response.

Why Choose NETSOC for Your MDR solution?

At NETSOC, we take security personally; and that goes beyond installing a bunch of the latest security products. Our MDR solutions are built essentially on a dedicated SOC staffed with highly trained vigilant security experts who operate 24/7. We understand that creating such a program on your own can be expensive, hard to maintain and may not provide expected results. Therefore you need experts in the field; professionals who can guarantee advanced security by systems that can alert on sophisticated attacks anytime, anywhere.