Keeping schools safe

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Cybersecurity is not optional

Often overlooked, educational institutions store a significant amount of sensitive data that range from research documents to private student information. With many schools incorporating more technology into offices and classrooms, data security is becoming increasingly important. We provide cybersecurity services that detect and respond to threats.

Why Education Institutions Require Cybersecurity

Although other sectors like finance receive more attention from cybersecurity providers, recent data suggests that there is just as much vulnerability in the education sector. Experiencing a huge increase in virtual classrooms and remote learning in 2020, the education sector experienced a record-breaking number of cyberattacks. In fact, Microsoft states that education is the sector with the most vulnerability to threats like malware. To add to this fact, ransomware attacks against education institutions doubled between 2019 and 2020.

Bearing this statistic in mind, protecting the confidentiality of private information has become as vital as providing good education. We help organizations in the education sector identify and address security threats before they occur. Our team is well experienced in setting up proactive security networks in universities, colleges, and special schools. We take your security challenges personally and will provide solutions that address and resolve these problems.

Security Challenges Facing The Education Sector

While schools aren’t always considered for-profit entities, they do have a lot to lose in the event of cyberattacks. Depending on the type of attack conducted, schools may lose valuable research, academic publications and can experience a compromised network which greatly impacts the reputation of the institution. Other cyberattacks could be more technological such as computer outages. Hackers, on the other hand, see schools as easy targets for personal information. Why? because many institutions do not have a big budget for cybersecurity, leaving them exposed to attacks from far and wide. Here are the top cybersecurity challenges that many organizations in the education sector face:

• Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), involves denying access to valuable school records which may disrupt daily operations.
• Malware such as ransomware, viruses and adware could cripple a university’s entire network system; and can lead to extortion by hackers.
• Phishing emails are not uncommon in university settings, where cybercriminals pose as legitimate campus authorities in an attempt to gain personal information from students.
• Unsecured Devices of teachers and students may pose a problem to the institution’s overall security system, causing disruptions in the wireless network.